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This presentation is being rescheduled from last month. Last month's meeting was not well attended due to a winter storm.

Over the past few months we introduced you to Windows 8 and Mac's Moutain Lion. Now we want to introduce you Linux. We want you to be aware of the similarities and differences and advantage and disadvantages between these computer operating systems so that you can make a better and more informed decision when you get your next computer or decide to refurbish an older computer.

Peter W will re-introduce us to Linux (it's been years since our last Linux presentation) in what I expect will be a round-table like discussion. He'll likely cover the most FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Linux and then some. In turn he may be provoking us with questions about why we spend so much for the run of the mill computers we have chosen to use. So come to the meeting to ask questions and expect to be asked questions in return.





6 people in all attended the meeting on Saturday, February 9th. Two of the 6 attendees were virtual attendees via Google+ Hangout video chat.

Main Meeting Q&A:
We began last month's meeting with our normal round of questions and announcements. Among the questions and announcements:

John D -

Nelson S -

John M -

Tom J -

Rich T -

Peter W -

Main Meeting Program:
There was no main meeting presentation this month due to the limited attendance caused by the winter storm.



This section contains web links & other info related to some of the subjects we discussed during our round table discussions and main presentation.


(May require JAVA)

Verizon Speedtest Link

Go ahead, put your Verizon High Speed or FiOS Internet connection to the test! We'll measure your upload and download speeds so you can be sure you're maxing out your broadband package.

Speakeasy Speedtest

Welcome to
Are you getting the speed you pay for? Our Promise Index™ and help keep your ISP honest! You can help too and join over 250 million others like you who want to test or troubleshoot their Internet connection. What's your Speed?

Share and compare your speed results with friends quickly and easily — or get a free Account to track multiple connections. Use at work, at home or even on the go with our Android or iPhone Applications.

MyConnection Server

MyConnection Server (MCS) delivers a broad range of support managed automated and user initiated self-help connection testing and monitoring services directly via the browser to any online customer/location anywhere in the world.

The MCS web framework delivers a solution to test bandwidth capacity, true TCP throughput speed including Gigabit, data flow quality, access restrictions, packet rate limits, as well as routing and peering problems.

The MCS automated support managed architecture provides extended pre-qualification and quality testing eliminating the burden on customer resources while delivering a more convenient solution to address persistent and intermittent problems.

MCS incorporates testing solutions for critical time dependent applications such as VoIP, Video, IPTV, video conferencing.

MyConnection Server delivers a total solution to measure and monitor the performance and quality of wired, wireless and mobile networks. A brief overview of the MCS connection assessment tests and methodologies is provided here:



From my two years of using S/MIME email, I’ve identified that there are two types of individuals who are using this feature: a) Government b) tech geeks. I can understand the lack of participation of S/MIME for general email usage as there are many hurdles to overcome to make S/MIME possible. But first the main question, what is S/MIME and Why should I be using it?

Definition -
S/MIME stands for Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and is a standard for public key encryption and signing of MIME data (an email message). What it allows you to do is two things:

  1. Ensure to your email recipients that YOU actually sent the email
  2. Allows the possibility of sending and / or receiving email encrypted

Signing -
I like to relate the process of signing an email to putting a wax seal on a letter back when email or a government operated post office didn’t exist. Individuals would understand that a letter with a particular wax seal was the stamp of a sender, and thus knew it was authentic and should be trusted; same thing for sending a signed S/MIME email. If you don’t see the “signed” icon in Apple’s Mail (or any other Mail application), then you would be concerned that the email wasn’t truly from the sender.

Encryption -
Question: If you send a letter through the post office do you simply print a piece of paper and drop it off in a mailbox, or do you put it in an envelope. Why put it in an evelope? So people won’t read the contents inside the envelope! If you are worried about people reading your letter, why do you send an email without a virtual “envelope”? As an email passes through every router and switch… and from one mail server to another… without it being inside a virtual “envelope” (thus encrypted), anyone could look at your letter. Yes it’s a little dramatic, but it is possible.


(Broadband Cable or FiOS Required)

Vonage Basic Talk

Unlimited Flat Rate Calling

$9.99/mo. plus taxes and fees with 1-year agreement

Unlimited local and long distance in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Ooma Premier Service

Not only will you get free calling in the U.S., you'll also get free calling in Canada and all the bells and whistles. Every Ooma customer gets a free 60-day trial of Ooma Premier. If you choose to continue, it’s just $9.99 a month plus taxes and fees.

You get all the features included in Basic Service plus these amazing features:

Free calling to Canada
Got family and friends in Canada? Now you can talk to your heart’s content. As a Premier subscriber, calls to Canada are free (excluding the 867 calling area).

Instant Second Line
Two lines are better than one. Make or receive a second call without missing a beat.

Three-way conferencing
Whether you’re doing business or chatting with friends, three-way conference calling has never been easier.

Backup Number
If your Internet goes down, calls are forwarded to another phone number of your choosing.

Caller Name
See the name of callers, even if they're not in your address book.

Call Screening
If you don’t recognize the caller-ID, just listen to their message through the speaker. Pick up the phone at anytime to intercept the call and talk to the caller.

Do not disturb
Get some peace and quiet whenever you want simply by pressing the envelope icon for two seconds. All of your calls will roll into voicemail without ringing.

Personal blacklist
Stop unwanted callers by blocking numbers or sending them directly to voicemail.

Community blacklist
Automatically block annoying telemarketers and solicitors by tapping into our nationwide database of thousands of known spammers.

Anonymous call blocking
Make it so callers have to show their caller-ID in order to reach you, so that you always know who's calling. You can block anonymous calls completely or send them straight to voicemail.

Call forwarding
Forward your calls to any number - even your cell phone - so you never miss a call.

Ensure you never miss a call by configuring your Ooma system to simultaneously ring your mobile phone and home phone.

Free Mobile Minutes
Ooma Premier customers using the Ooma Mobile iPhone app receive 250 minutes of U.S. calling for free every month.

Voicemail alerts
Keep up to date with new message notifications that can be sent to any email address or SMS-capable mobile phone.

Voicemail-to-email forwarding (audio)
Enjoy the ultimate convenience of having your voicemail messages forwarded to your email as an audio file. Now you can listen to messages anywhere you can check email.

Send to voicemail
Transfer a call to voicemail by pressing the “Send to Voicemail” button at any time.

Private Device
Set aside one or more of your phones as a dedicated line that will only ring when a particular phone number is dialed. Give anyone in the house their own telephone, set up a dedicated fax line, or separate your home phone and work phone.

Private Voicemail
With Ooma Premier, make any Ooma device a private extension with a password-protected voicemail account. You can also set up personal greetings, customize privacy settings, and control your voicemail notification or forwarding.

Personal Number
With Ooma Premier, choose a second number anywhere in the US. Decide whether you want your number to ring and leave voicemail on all phones or just your personal Ooma device. You can choose up to nine numbers (additional monthly fee applies).

Google Voice Extensions
Experience Google Voice on your Ooma system. We've simplified and enhanced the experience, so now you can access Google Voice's Voicemail, Call Presentation, Listen In, and Caller-ID features--all with the press of a button.



(FREE, Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows)

Thousands of local, national and international newspapers and magazines at your fingertips!

PressReader is the only application that lets you read a growing list of over 2,300 full-content newspapers from 97 countries in 55 languages available through the world's largest online newspaper and magazine kiosk

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Enhance your reading experience with PressReader's interactive features.

Not only can you search, share and discuss articles from thousands of titles, the publications you access via PressReader are enhanced with interactive features such as clickable URLs, telephone numbers, email addresses and "continued on page…" links.

PressReader offers subscription plans to fit your needs:


(FREE, extension for Firefox & IE, requires Gmail account)

Secure (S/MIME) messaging.

Penango is a web browser add-on that allows people to send and receive authenticated and encrypted messages end-to-end on the Internet with standards-based, interoperable protocols.

Sign, encrypt, and decrypt e-mail messages in free Gmail and free Google Apps. For Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Instructions for installing and setting up Penango can be found here:



Meetings are in the St. Augustine Center (SAC) at Villanova University. The regular monthly sessions meet in Room 110.

VU Map

Enter from the ITHAN AVENUE main gate, then proceed to the upper level of the 2-level parking building adjacent to the St. Augustine Center on the Ithan Avenue side of the building. (Click for link to Google Map)

NOTE: additional map & direction links on our website home page -

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