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No, it's not what is being served for dinner. Instead, it is likely being served by your Internet connected email. Anyone who uses an Internet connection for email or browsing will eventually be lured by a phishing hook or spammed. We'll be taking a look at ways of dealing with this unsolicited junk email and discussing what you may be doing to attract it.


There is some debate about the source of the term, Spam, but the generally accepted version is that it comes from the Monty Python song, "Spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam, lovely spam, wonderful spam?" Like the song, spam is an endless repetition of worthless text. Another school of thought maintains that it comes from the computer group lab at the University of Southern California who gave it the name because it has many of the same characteristics as the lunchmeat Spam: * Nobody wants it or ever asks for it. * No one ever eats it; it is the first item to be pushed to the side when eating the entree. * Sometimes it is actually tasty, like 1% of junk mail that is really useful to some people.


(fish?ing) (n.) The act of sending an e-mail to a user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate enterprise in an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft. Phishing, also referred to as brand spoofing or carding, is a variation on "fishing," the idea being that bait is thrown out with the hopes that while most will ignore the bait, some will be tempted into biting.


1) Club membership entitles you to receive a hard copy of the newsletter and access to our email list server, which is run for the benefit of our members. Please do not hesitate to post club and computer related notices and problems to it. If we can?t solve your problem remotely, we can be alerted to it ahead of the monthly meeting where more hands-on may help resolve your problem.

2) A few of the regular attendees usually partake of lunch at the Country Squire Diner in Broomall near the intersection of Routes 3 and 320, and recently at the Campus Corner Restaurant near the intersection of Routes 30 and 320 just off the Villanova University campus. So, after the meeting, why not join us? It?s an opportunity to get more help and to discuss our common interests.

3) Help MLCUG go ?Green?. We issue this newsletter by both electronic means through our email list server and in hardcopy format. If you find yourself not reading the hardcopy, PLEASE inform John D, the editor, so that you will only receive the electronic version.


Attendance: 13 people in all attended the meeting on Saturday, May 8th.

Main Meeting Round Table Q&A: We began last month?s meeting with our normal round of questions and announcements. Among the questions and announcements:

Ed C -

John M - Layton F - Pat S - Marty C -Don W -Ralph H -Bill D -John D -Ted K -

Main Meeting Program: John D with an assist from Joan S led a general discussion on how to share digital photos with friends other than by email. We discovered that some of the club members have had experience with Picasa, Flickr, and Snapfish.

Our only member to extensively use these types of services has been Joan. Joan uses Snapfish and gave us a brief overview of some of its features and how she makes use of them.


I thought I would include a section on web links related to some of the subjects we discussed during our round table discussions and presentations. Hopefully, readers will find these links of value and interest.

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Snapfish, the home of online digital photo printing, photo sharing, and over 100 personalized photo gifts that you can make from your photos. Create a free account today to start uploading and sharing your photos. Get high-quality digital photo prints at low prices and unlimited, free photo sharing. You can even use your digital photos to create custom photo books and gifts. ____

From: &

What is Flickr? Flickr is a way to get your photos and videos to the people who matter to you. And basic accounts are free. Upload - Upload from your desktop, send by email, or use your cameraphone. Edit - Get rid of red eye, crop a photo, or get creative with fonts and effects! Organize - Use collections, sets, and tags to organize your photos and videos. Share - Use groups and privacy controls to share your photos and videos. Maps - Share where your photos and videos were taken, and see photos and videos taken near you. Make Stuff - Sexy cards, photo books, framed prints, Target pick up, DVDs, etc. Keep in Touch - Get updates from family and friends. Printing - Flickr now partners with Snapfish and prints can be picked up at Walmart, Walgreens, Staples, Duane Reade, and other partners. ____

From: What is Picasa? Fast and easy photo sharing from Google

Together, Picasa (software) & Picasa Web Albums (Web service) make it easy for you to organize and edit your digital photos, then create online albums to share with friends, family & the world.

Beautiful web albums Show your photos at their best. View full-screen slideshows, see your pictures arranged on a global map, enjoy video playback, and more.

Focus on people People matter in your photos. Our technology helps you automatically organize your photos based on the people in them, and works in Picasa and Picasa Web Albums.

Get organized Picasa automatically finds all the photos on your PC, wherever they are, and will organize them in seconds.

Be creative Use Picasa to design and print beautiful photo collages, create fun video slideshows, add photo text or view your favorite photos on your desktop or screensaver.

It's free to use Picasa is free to download, and Picasa Web Albums provides 1 gigabyte of free storage -- that's enough space for 4,000 wallpaper-size photos.

Sharing made simple Publish your favorite photos online with one click. Create stunning online photo albums to share with friends and family, or public albums for the world to see. Get notified when your "Favorites" post new photos.

Edit to perfection Improve almost any picture with Picasa's one-click fixes for common problems like red-eye, color, and lighting. Or, use tuning and effects to make your best photos look even better.

Add places Easily add geo-tags to your photos so that you can remember exactly where they're from using Google Maps.

Order photos & gifts, or print at home Picasa makes it easy for you to get the best out of your color printer. And Picasa Web Albums gives your friends the ability to download full-resolution pictures, so they can do the same. When ordering online, choose freely between major retail services.


SOFTWARE WORTH A LOOK Picasa (FREE, for Windows, Mac, Linux)

Picasa is free photo editing software from Google that makes your pictures look great. Sharing your best photos with friends and family is as easy as pressing a button!

. DIRECTIONS FOR ST. AUGUSTINE CENTER MEETING ROOM Meetings are in the St. Augustine Center at Villanova University. The regular monthly sessions meet in Room 110.

Enter from the ITHAN AVENUE main gate, then proceed to the upper level of the 2-level parking building adjacent to the St. Augustine Center, on the Ithan Avenue side of the building. NOTE: maps on our web page -

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