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What is Linux?

Linux is a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system that runs on many platforms, including Intel processors, Motorola MC68K and DEC Alphas. It implements a superset of the POSIX standard. Linux interoperates will with other operating systems, including Apple, Microsoft, Amiga, and Novell.

It supports a wide range of software, including X Windows, Emacs, TCP/IP networking (including SLIP/PPP/ISDN), Office Suites, the works. A PC running Linux often makes an excellent and fast substitute for a conventional UNIX workstation.

Linux (ofthen pronounced with a short "i" and with the first sylable stressed - LIH-nucks) is freely available - it can be copied and redistributed without fees or royalties. The source code for Linux is available on the Internet to anyone who wants it.

Why Migrate to Linux?